Over the years, Pakistan’s architectural design has gradually changed. The design philosophy employed to create these spaces, the materials used, the construction method have all undergone an evolution. Different house designs are present throughout Pakistan’s cities and suburbs, which serves local cultural and geographic needs. For example, multi-story homes with open verandas and courtyards are typical in Punjab. On the other hand, homes in the northern part of the country are often modest single-story structures with little open space. It comprises of some types of grey industrial building designs, white-stoned Spanish architecture, French designs, and more. The change continues. Here is a list of house designs in Pakistan that are currently in style to assist you in selecting a style that has qualities that suit your needs:

Spanish house design

When looking at the best house designs in Pakistan, another prominent trend worth investigating is Spanish design. This style is well-liked in Pakistan because it provides a contemporary-looking home with high practicality and little decoration. The prominent use of curves and arches is one of the primary architectural components of Spanish house design. An exquisite archway leading to the front door, for instance, or a curving set of steps would be visually appealing.

Another noteworthy feature of Spanish architecture is its thick, white walls. Due to the plaster of these walls, they may stay cool throughout the sweltering summer days and gradually release the heat when it is colder. Last but not least, one cannot overlook the lovely red roofs of Spanish architecture. These are clay tile, low-pitched that keep the house cooler and improve the aesthetic appeal of the building. Spanish architecture is the style to choose if you want a timeless layout that has a unique appearance.

Modern house design

The finest descriptors of a modern home are experimental, minimalistic, and innovative. The post-industrialization era, when the trend of incorporating equipment into the construction process was at its height, saw widespread acclaim for this design. Modern architecture has emerged as one of the most popular trends of house design in Pakistan over the past few decades. The use of lines to give the exterior an elegant appearance and the evolving front design are characteristics of modern house design in Pakistan.

French-style house design

Another well-known theme of house designs in Pakistan is French architecture. It is a design that has served as a source of inspiration for Pakistan’s contemporary architects. It sought to establish the trend of constructing massive, opulent residential structures.

French architecture is renowned for its use of muted colour schemes, organic finishes, and decoration drawn from the landscape. The roofs, window placements, or room arrangements will all work together harmoniously to display an architectural balance of shapes and design.

The huge rectangular windows found in French house designs in Pakistan contribute to the overall symmetry of the building and give it a taller appearance. Additionally, windows in this form are exactly aligned with one another on each story, improving access to natural light and ventilation.

Industrial style design

An emerging trend of house design in Pakistan is industrial architecture, which is still relatively new. As the name implies, this style is influenced by the often drab and unpainted interiors of factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings. The industrial style emphasises mixing raw materials with clean, streamlined architectural aspects to produce an elevating solidity in the design. It also displays minimalistic, clutter-free aesthetics.

There are some subtle characteristics present as well, such as the use of neutral colours, high ceilings, spacious layouts, etc. The style contains bold key features, such as exposed architecture, visible use of utilitarian material giving the house an edgy look. These components aid in striking the ideal balance between the raw and the traditional. So, for instance, even though your home may have concrete floors or exposed brick walls, you can always choose wide glass windows. You can also have open floor plans, and wooden finishing to create a calming balance.

Current architecture

Contemporary buildings gave rise to contemporary architecture, which incorporates a wide range of stylistic elements. It creates homes that are calming, appealing, and connected to nature by fusing historical aspects with modern lifestyle ideas. Recently, architects have adopted this style, and big cities are currently displaying some gorgeous contemporary home designs in Pakistan.

Building a clear connection between interior and outdoor spaces is one characteristic of contemporary design homes. These homes would include features like expansive glass windows, detachable exterior walls, green roofs. It also includes a patio that connected to the lounge, and extravagant porches and verandas. These elements encourage natural ventilation and increase the amount of natural light that enters the building, keeping it cool and bright.

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