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wallpapers for your house

Wallpaper enhances a space’s aesthetic appeal while requiring little work or technological expertise. Wallpaper can improve the architectural features of your home and add color and design in every style and color scheme you can think of. Wallpapers and paints are the key components of your design decision.  Wallpaper is among the least expensive ways to completely change the look of a room, although not as cheap as paint and glaze. A few wallpaper rolls cost a lot less than a brand-new set of furniture, bathroom accessories, or kitchen appliances. Wallpaper is one of the most practical and affordable ways to give your home character and dimension. Paint and fake finishes, when combined with wallpaper they create a complete design scheme.

Aesthetical changes     

Do you intend to use wallpaper to change the aesthetic of your room? Then you are in the ideal location. We have a sizable selection of personalized wallpapers that can transform your space into a more lovely place. Come check out our designs for interior décor. Our adventure began years ago with the desire to create something innovative. 50 PUNJAB continues to provide its clients with effective, cutting-edge patterns.

Why are we so prosperous?

The reason for our prosperity is our enthusiasm and hard work. We are at the forefront of future designs.  We adhere to the firm principle that “Customer satisfaction is the best source of Publicity,” therefore we put more emphasis on the service. It is one of the difficult tasks in the interior sector, but one that we can complete with the help of our committed team. Let us make your thoughts a reality! Make your house appear lovely.

Alter the environment:

With our wall coverings, we hope to alter commercial and residential environments. We establish ourselves as the industry leader in Pakistan for client satisfaction. Finding talent is difficult, but we succeeded. Together, we progress. To provide you with the best wallpaper in Pakistan, a joyful and committed crew works behind the scenes on every bespoke wallpaper from 50 PUNJAB. Every wallpaper goes through numerous groups, all of whom make an effort to ensure that your wallpaper gets to you on time.

Final process

The process of printing wallpaper begins at the desk of our creative graphic designers, who come up with these wallpaper designs. Currently, we have over 5,000 styles and add new ones every week. Your chosen wallpaper is then printed on the best paper possible using our skilled production staff at our facilities, who ensure zero waste. The wallpaper is then carefully wrapped and dispatched via our customer support team. They are typically available to answer any questions that you have about online wallpaper purchases. Your imagination is now on your walls. Thanks to the wallpaper installation team brought to your door. So choose us for the betterment of your space.