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Theme based decoration

Remarkable theme based decoration styles for you

Everybody wants a decorated home. After all, a house ought to be a place you’re happy to display! But “practicality” follows “aesthetics.” Most of the time, people want a beautiful and dreamy space. Some people want their house decorated with a particular theme. 50 PUNJAB construction company provides professional theme based decoration services. We address the requirements of both commercial and residential structures. Our offerings are customized to satisfy your needs and fit within your price range. Both home and commercial setups can benefit from our design services. We strive to offer our clients originality and cutting-edge design services without breaking the bank. We work hard to design a functional workplace that serves your needs, wows your clients, and inspires your staff. Whether a commercial or residential structure, we promise quick services. Call us right away to learn more. 50 PUNJAB construction company offers the best home decoration services. Our services are unmatched in terms of originality, creativity, and client satisfaction.

Main Steps of decoration by 50 PUNJAB

 These steps make up our home decoration process:


 Our knowledgeable theme-based home decorators meet with you to go through your needs. They help in the ultimate home decoration for your structure, whether a house or a place of business.

Vision Boards:

Vision boards represent the ideas and convey a broad sense of the project.

Initial Design:

Our home decorators thoroughly measure your area to establish a suitable strategy before creating an initial design.

Last Style:

 After choosing a layout that works with the room’s dimensions and other aspects, we develop a final design. It depends on the client’s last preferences and ideas.


 To help our clients choose the appropriate supplies, furniture, wallpapers,  and other decorations needed to complete the theme. Our skilled decorators provide guidance and extra consultation.

Tasteful decoration

We appreciate the value of beautiful decoration for homes and businesses. In Lahore, we provide talented theme-based designers. The 50 PUNJAB construction company offers experienced advice on issues regarding home décoration. Our designers are here to assist you with selecting the perfect color scheme or a couch.

Different theme-based decorations provided by us

Some types of theme-based decorations by us

1. Commercial

 We provide rough textures, visible building materials, metal fittings, and finishes that define the industrial style. Imagine traditional warehouse apartments with bare concrete or wood floors, exposed brick walls, and basic furnishings.

Reclaimed wood, layers of faded paint, and saved furniture give the decorating style a rustic appearance.

2. Diverse

An eclectic decorating style for the home combines elements from numerous cultures, decorating trends, and historical eras.

Variety of  Moroccan rugs with deer antlers, a collection of mismatched vintage chairs, and French toile.

The secret to perfecting the eclectic aesthetic is careful editing and tying together various parts using color and texture.

3. Present-day

A contemporary home decoration design has the most crossover with other aesthetics because it is both traditional and modern.

Modern buildings are evolving.