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PVC wall panel

Along with many other services 50 PUNJAB also offers PVC wall panels. Along the wall unit’s horizontal length, the wall panel has modeling elements, wall panels, and decorative strips. 50 PUNJAB’s Pvc walls are the perfect option for decorating hallways, stairs, restaurants, public restrooms, and gathering spaces. PVC ornamental panels come in a variety of styles and designs. And there are many ways you can increase the value of your beloved home. From panel molding (items in its embedded frame) to more elegant shadow boxes (featured with painted or dyed decorative pieces). Wall panels serve as the second skin of your walls, enhancing the beauty of your home.


These wall panel design concepts provide your home’s rooms and hallways with a luxurious appearance. It increases their value and provides additional layers of security in the years to come. Before calling any of the many house renovation contractors you find, check their costs and reviews. Pakistan is known for its PVC ceilings. The buckle plates are premium PVC that are produced right here in Pakistan. Our products are a chic and sophisticated alternative to standard PVC walls & ceilings.


Our vision directs all areas of our business by defining what we must do to continue attaining quality, sustainable growth. It also acts as the basis for our Roadmap. The fundamental principles of 50 PUNJAB are  Sustainability, Integrity, Quality, and Teamwork. These principles govern our everyday activities. Turning points that changed lives, industries, and society are produced with the help of our ideas, manufacturing technologies, and people.

Qualities of our PVC Wall Panels

The best qualities of our wall panels are

1. Extremely robust.

PVC wall panels can last many years without warping or bending since they are sturdy and long-lasting.

2. Cheap price for wall panels.

PVC wall panels are less expensive than marble and solid wood wall panels.

3. Simple installation.

PVC wall panels are simple to cut and trim, making it simple to install PVC wall panels, timber tubes, and ceilings.

4. Small size

The PVC material’s small weight makes it easier to carry, handle, and install on location.

5. Simple to stay consistent.

The best part about PVC panels is how simple it is to maintain them as they don’t need to be painted, varnished, or given any other treatments. To keep them looking brand new, simply give them a little wipe-down with a damp cloth or home cleaner every so often.

6. moisture resistance.


They are waterproof and do not absorb water. Wall panels won’t change your home’s market worth. However, the wall panels will make your home feel more opulent and may raise its worth when combined with other high-end furnishings. The designs that go into wall panels are essentially limitless. Which design aesthetic your property will use is up to you. You can hire us to create a variety of design concepts for your home. Then, you can alter composite style PVC panels following these design concepts to create a custom interior design.