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Chandelier lights

The necessity of having a quantity of light in each room of the house can be recognized by contemporary lighting firms. One reason why lighting producers provide such a wide range in type, size, and design is the necessity of light. Chandeliers are frequently eye-catching works of art even when not in use, casting light throughout a whole dining room or living area. 50 PUNJAB offers pendant lighting for illuminating particular spaces, such as a pleasant corner or a kitchen workstation. A mix of ceiling fans and pendant lights may provide a sense of elegance to a casual entertaining room, even on the outside porch. Modern settings can benefit from the elegance that chandeliers provide. These fixtures, which range from industrial chandeliers for public places like lobbies and ballrooms to LED chandelier light for private homes like dining rooms, instantly add grandeur.

Wisely choose the installation area

Modern chandeliers make an opulent statement; that’s why they should be installed where they will have the most visibility possible. An impressive huge chandelier creates a lasting first impression in magnificent entrances and rooms. They are effective at illuminating dining rooms and establishing the desired mood. A chandelier that is too big or tiny for the room might cause structural and aesthetic issues. The size of the room is also crucial. When choosing the best designer chandelier for your space, you should remember two main things. Your own choices and the lighting in the room.

Variety of chandelier light

 Every style is possible, from modern chandeliers to contemporary chandeliers. Since chandeliers may be hung in practically any area in the house, choosing whether to hang one over the dining room table or in the room will determine the precise style and dimensions you need. It will be difficult to keep the fixture clean for crystal chandeliers with numerous facets. Now it’s time to get ready for installation. Make sure the one you select is compatible with your current wiring configuration, if necessary seek the advice of a licensed electrician for a professional recommendation.

Our dedicated artists

50 PUNJAB has a dedicated team of artists working day and night. Our highly skilled artists design light chandeliers, which create an extraordinary and timeless piece of art for you.  Your functional artwork is inspired by how natural light creates a special magic aura through the crystal. A group of talented artists creates light chandeliers. We have highly talented artists who produce a unique and timeless works of art for you.

New and inventive designs

When exposed to natural light, crystals acquire a distinctively mystical atmosphere. Every chandelier in our workshop is a unique artistic creation since each item is carefully chosen and carefully crafted there. Natural light serves as an inspiration for all of our works. We want to create new and inventive designs whose brightness necessitates that they serve as focal points in an environment.  We blend handcrafted production with cutting-edge innovations, to produce these classic pieces of art. To ensure the quality of our crystal chandelier light whose illumination and shine reflect this obsession, we are pushing the limits of perfection.