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Home Renovation

Providing  latest and quality home renovation ideas for you

 Renovation and customer service are the main priorities of 50 PUNJAB construction companies. High standard and reasonably priced. Thanks to our skilled designers and engineers. We provide you with straightforward, affordable solutions to design and renovation demands. Our main goal is to deliver services to our customers while exceeding their expectations like support, pricing, and customer service. An important goal of 50 PUNJAB construction company is home renovation. We expertly handle all of your renovation needs. We are a vibrant, rapidly expanding organization with practical experience in home renovation, offices, and other structures. We fix remodeling projects, from little fixes to full-scale home renovations, offices, and other commercial facilities. We are the one-stop shop for all your renovation needs and guarantee that your houses, workplaces, or other structures will be sturdy. All thanks to our large team who are trained and talented in their respective tasks.

Our specialties

Make precise estimates of the state of things.

For a cost-effective solution, compare your options.

Repair structures damaged by fire.

Fixation of slope slabs.

Improve the structural integrity of old buildings.

Buildings with frames, including steel, concrete, reply concrete, wood, stone, and metal, should be renovated and strengthened.

Renovation of all types of buildings is part of our extensive and all-inclusive restoration services.

Our popular building renovation services

 Our most popular home renovation services include the following:

While working in the different regions of Lahore, these repairs are exceedingly problematic and come with a specific set of rules, such as social rules. Our staff is skilled at following these instructions and completing the renovations as planned within the allotted period. The interior and outside of flats can become seriously damaged by years of use and wind patterns. We expertly resolve these issues, providing them with the tap and repairs they need to seem brand new. We also renovate the front of your house to make it look new always.

Kitchen renovation services

To help you design your ideal modular kitchen, are you looking for a home renovation service in Lahore? For a reasonable price, 50 PUNJAB construction company can offer you the best modular kitchen renovation and design services. Our team of professionals makes the modular kitchen renovation procedure simple and quick. We’ll help you from beginning to end. We modify our designs to meet your needs. We design following the modular kitchen renovation budget that you give us. We aim to offer our loyal customers an unmatched renovation service, personalized personal modular kitchen made just for you at a low price. To satisfy our customers need, 50 PUNJAB construction company provides modular kitchen renovation and installation. Let us renovate your modular kitchen following your tastes, demands, and lifestyle.

Final note

In this field of home renovation, we have many years of experience. We specialize in converting outdated homes into stylish, modern places that are currently in style. Our high-quality handiwork sets us apart from your typical “Thekedar.” It is made possible by the inter and experienced supervision structure we have in place.