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The trend predictions for 2022 have spoken. It’s all about feeling serene, calm, and lovely.  Earthy tones and vibrant highlights are the colours used in interior colour schemes. The reflection of this idea seems in the most recent bathroom designs colour trends. You’ll never want to leave your tranquil and sophisticated refuge, so create one.

Use the colours in bathroom design as inspiration for renovation. Here are the colours to use to design a bathroom that appears to have been done by a professional designer.


Bright and sunny yellow is the color that most strongly brings to mind summer. This color is ideal for someone who wants to fill their home with endless sunshine. Warm, rich shades of yellow are currently in style.

It can serve as both the primary and accent colour in your design. Think about using yellow penny tiles on the floors or yellow subway tiles in the bathtub. For a relaxing, contemporary effect, combine yellow with warm grey or a clean white for your bathroom design.


Use a beachy shade of teal to mimic the hues of the ocean. Every time you exit the shower or bath, it will seem as though Caribbean waves are lapping at your feet. Anyone looking for a calming yet distinctive tone will love teal.

Teal tiles are ideal for your shower or as a focal wall in the bathroom design. Choose hardware with a gold or brass finish, such as faucets, showerheads, and knobs, as teal and gold blend nicely.


Sage greens are one colour that is becoming more popular in home designs. More people are using this delicate, natural tone in more daring ways. Try sage; this is your sign because your bathroom is an excellent place to do it.

The excellent wall colour is sage; it is powerful without being overpowering. You might add sage green tiles or paint your walls. You might also appreciate it as a vanity colour; give any cabinets a coat of this gentle colour. Sage goes well with organics, so use it with tans, browns, and natural wood.


Since blue is essentially neutral, it is not unexpected that soft blue is a popular colour for a summer palette. However, blue can also seem stylish and modern.

You need a light blue that makes you think of a clear sky. You may make this shade more appealing by choosing tiles with a unique form. Geometric shapes like hexagons, circles, and patterns all add visual interest. You may also lay conventional subway tile in a geometric pattern for movement and texture.


The top trends list has never included an entirely white bathroom design. It is clean, trendy, and stylish. However, some people might find it cold and unappealing; not the best for relaxing.

Consider a warm off-white colour range if you love the crisp appearance of white but want something cosier.

bathroom designs


Including earth tones in your bathroom design, you can let nature flow into your bathroom. Those looking for a more understated style should choose between tans, browns, and greys.

To give the room modern appearance, incorporate natural materials like stone flooring and tiles. To add some colour without detracting from the colour scheme, add bathroom design with a natural theme, such as plants.


This gorgeous purple has most likely been visible everywhere. Since it is  Color of the Year for 2022, it has become one of the most popular hues for bathroom design. Take this as permission to get creative in your bathroom since the colour inspires it.

The best place to start is with lilac tiles, which look excellent on the floor or around the tub. Use this colour with white marble that has a grey texture. It will produce a pricey, distinctive appearance.


This dark, rich forest green is another color that has been popular in the design community. The shade quickly transforms your bathroom and seems sleek and opulent. To emphasise luxury, add elements of gold to the colour. Pairing deep forest green with a bright white and a glossy black also looks fantastic.


It is not easy to decorate with orange. Many homeowners avoid the shade because it’s so daring. However, if you enjoy bright, bold tones, your bathroom must include some orange.

For a while, orange hues like burnt orange, ochre, and pumpkin have been popular. Orange geometric tiles can make intriguing flooring, while mosaic bathroom tiles can make a statement wall. You should generally not use black and pair orange with white, blue, or yellow.

bathroom designs


Pink is once again a favourite colour for many people. It’s a lively, young tint that looks really stylish. To do this, pick a blush-coloured light pink.

Don’t be scared to use pink in your bathroom decor, whether in the cabinets, paint, or tiles. White marble, natural wood, and gold accents all complement pink beautifully.

Bathroom Designs for a Calm and Beautiful Space in the Summer

If you’ve ever thumbed through the glossy pages of a design publication, you might have seen beautiful bathroom designs. Your bathroom could be as stylish as the one showns. You only need to know how to put their suggestions into practice; and hire us for best results. The summer bathroom colour trends are starting point for creating the bathroom designs of your dreams.