Everybody wants to live in a home built with love, perfect design, and the highest quality materials. We shall tell you great detail regarding the 5 marla house design by 50 Punjab here. Smaller homes are becoming more popular for Pakistanis. 5, and 7 marla is the best and most cost-effective option. A 5-marla house plan is your investment choice, whether you intend to live there or rent it out as an investment. People frequently ask us at 50 Punjab for 5 marlas home map of the first floor or a three-bedroom 5-marla house design. We have included some of 5 marla house designs in Pakistan out of the numerous plans available.

In Pakistan, 1 Marla is equivalent to 272 square feet in rural areas and 225 square feet in urban areas. When considering their opinions, the most frequent 5 Marla house design dimension is 2545 feet. Floor plans for 5-Marla homes are 1125 square feet. There are some important considerations to keep in mind before coming up with a design for five marla homes.

Prior to creating a 5 Marla house design, you should consider the following:

Money situation

Plot’s location

Your needs or those of your family

Way of life

Exterior Design 

Floor Plans for Homes

Keep in mind your belongings and furniture.

Cost of Labor

Cost of Material

The following are a few of the top floor plans for the 5 Marla house design:

Plan A:

1. First Floor

2. Ground Floor

Plan B

1. Floor

Plan C

1. Ground Floor

2. First Floor

1. Plan A – 5 Marla House Design:

We created a double-story 5 Marla home plan for you. With a first-floor layout and a ground-floor plan, we have considered two stories in this house map of 5 marlas.

Two floors are present.

1,082 square feet are allotted on the ground floor.

864 square feet is the total area of the first floor.

1,946 square feet is the whole total area.

Three bedrooms and three bathrooms are present.

Kitchens: 1, Terraces: 2, and storage rooms: none

Garden: Yes

2. Plan B – 5 Marla House Design:

 This home plan features a single floor with a gorgeous 1,082 square feet of covered space, making it ideal for a large family. This layout has 2 good-sized bedrooms, which is perfect for a family of four or even visitors.

1 floor is present.

9,078 Square Feet Covered

There are two bedrooms.

No wardrobe space

There are two bathrooms.

There is only one kitchen.

There are no terraces.

No Storage room

Open Area in Front: Yes

Cooking: Yes

Carport: Yes

 Drawing and lounge (Spacious): Yes

No sunroom

3. Plan C – 5 Marla House Design:

 Plan C has gorgeous rooms, a relaxing lawn, and a spacious garden. The design is distinct and features a sizable development with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

There are two floors.

The ground floors are all 1,100 square feet in size.

900 square feet is the total area of the first floor.

Overall Surface Area: 2,000 Square Feet.

There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

There are two kitchens, one terrace, no storage rooms, and a backyard.

Along with plans, you need to think about the location of the house you wish to build. Look at some of the best neighborhoods in Lahore to buy a home before starting construction.

Ground Floor:

 This Pakistani design for a 5-marla home has many similarities to the one above. It is because they are practically identical on the ground floor, but we wanted to demonstrate how the same 5-marla home might appear. Most people prefer to have their homes built by various companies; if this describes you, come to 50 Punjab.

The access to the kitchen has altered as a result of the placement of the staircase, which now leads to the first floor from the lounge. It is the only significant change on the ground level.

 The remaining portions of the design are functional. It is the best 5 Marla house design.

First Floor:

This 5-marla house has a sitting area measuring 11 by 12 feet, an 11 x 9-foot kitchen, a terrace, and three bedrooms on the first floor. It is perfect for families because one of the 11 x 13 bedrooms has a separate 30-square-foot bathroom, while the other two 11 x 12 and 11 x 13 bedrooms share a 7-square-foot bathroom.

The house doesn’t have any storage space, but if you no longer need one, you can turn any of the kitchens into one. This house will work well for a big joint family wishing to build a 5-marla house design.

 50 PUNJAB provides you with all these floor plans for a 5 Marla house design. We will help your dreams to turn into reality. No matter how much space you have, we will always try to make it happen and make it appealing for you. For details visit our website.